Kyle | Research Manager


Advantages of Doing a Key Driver Analysis

What is a Key Driver Analysis? What is affecting your company’s overall satisfaction scores?  Price? Location? Turnaround time? All of the above? Conducting a key driver analysis helps you understand consumer behaviors.  This special type of analysis also uncovers what is most important to consumers in a specific product or service category. It plays a vital role within new product

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Welcome to the Future | Mobile Device Usage will Surpass Landlines in 2016

We recently re-located to new offices this summer in Burnsville. Before we moved to our new digs, it was decided that the internet and communication networks within the new building would be completely wireless – each member of our team has a mobile device. This decision was reached for a number of reasons: to help accommodate team members who are constantly on

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LISTEN UP! | The Word-of-Mouth Index is a Better Way to Measure Up

If you’re not familiar with the Word-of-Mouth Index (WOMI), don’t worry, you are not alone. However, chances are you might recognize its older brother; the Net Promoter Score. Either way, let’s take a quick look at both concepts, and how they have evolved and changed the way we look at customer satisfaction in a world of increasing social media and

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