Five Ways to Help Your Business Navigate the Effects of Coronavirus

There’s a new challenge, Coronavirus, that brings the height of emotion into the consumer lens and will cause companies to reexamine strategies and tactics.  While we all may not agree with the reaction, the numbers tell us that consumers are concerned. Consumer Data A March 2020 First Insights survey found that 66% worry about the spread of the disease; 44%

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5 Tips to Create a Standout Brand Logo Design

When it comes to being creative, brand logo designs are probably my favorite projects! You not only get to express yourself, but experimenting with color, shapes, and fonts can elevate your creativity to portray a sense of personality and recognition. When creating a logo for a client or brand, you need to know their brand. Start with the background—gain as

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Digital Marketing 101: Terms and Strategies Guide

Digital Marketing 101: The Fundamentals Digital marketing is marketing online. It encompasses all engagement efforts and marketing through online media channels.  In this Digital Marketing 101 guide, we’ll show you how businesses use Digital Marketing to get found, get leads, and convert those leads to sales. When looking at digital marketing today, we find only a few buckets: Your website

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Research Propelled Marketing | Better Marketing Built on a Proven Foundation

Have you ever watched one of those fishing shows on tv? The best fishermen are the ones who know the area, have a feel for the lake and they’ve learned the tendencies of when and where the fish like to bite. They’ve done their research! Do you have a new product? Did you come up with a new service idea?

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Ensuring an ROI | 4 Steps to Get the Most Bang for Your Buck

Perhaps the most meaningful and rewarding part of a marketing campaign is the end result: the Return on Investment (ROI). Often though, the ROI of some marketing tactics can be difficult to prove – but with this certain amount of gray area, there are specific steps one can take to ensure a marketing investment earns the highest-possible return. 4 Steps to

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Pizza Rolls or Hummus? (Why You Need a Pilot Campaign)

So, what is a pilot campaign? Let’s talk about it in a way that’s easy to understand. Why You Need a Pilot Campaign Have you ever gone to a potluck without planning ahead to see what everyone else is bringing? You go to the store and hastily decide on a random snack to bring, only to find that three other

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