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Advantages of Doing a Key Driver Analysis

What is a Key Driver Analysis? What is affecting your company’s overall satisfaction scores?  Price? Location? Turnaround time? All of the above? Conducting a key driver analysis helps you understand consumer behaviors.  This special type of analysis also uncovers what is most important to consumers in a specific product or service category. It plays a vital role within new product

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7 Tips to Improve Customer Satisfaction & Manage Retention

Time and time again at Diedrich RPM, we see clients struggle with maintaining high customer satisfaction ratings. We observe instances where overall satisfaction is at 60% or less, and no accountability is in place to address customer service issues. Unfortunately, this applies to a wide variety of markets, from retail to manufacturing to health care. This is why we specialize

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Research Propelled Marketing | Better Marketing Built on a Proven Foundation

Have you ever watched one of those fishing shows on tv? The best fishermen are the ones who know the area, have a feel for the lake and they’ve learned the tendencies of when and where the fish like to bite. They’ve done their research! Do you have a new product? Did you come up with a new service idea?

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Welcome to the Future | Mobile Device Usage will Surpass Landlines in 2016

We recently re-located to new offices this summer in Burnsville. Before we moved to our new digs, it was decided that the internet and communication networks within the new building would be completely wireless – each member of our team has a mobile device. This decision was reached for a number of reasons: to help accommodate team members who are constantly on

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Strategic Planning: Don’t Eyeball Your Business

I was talking with a friend about their business recently and was pretty alarmed about how little they knew about their digital marketing process. We were discussing digital strategy and strategic planning, and after listening to their business problem (“I would like more qualified prospects” – if I had a nickel for every time I’ve heard that…), I responded with

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How Research Impacts Decision Making

I am constantly researching and I don’t even realize it. It is truly amazing how much research impacts decision making, and the simple choices we make every day. Wernher von Braun: “Basic research is what I am doing when I don’t know what I am doing.” Faced With An Important Decision? Research Impacts Decision Making Yesterday, I came home from

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LISTEN UP! | The Word-of-Mouth Index is a Better Way to Measure Up

If you’re not familiar with the Word-of-Mouth Index (WOMI), don’t worry, you are not alone. However, chances are you might recognize its older brother; the Net Promoter Score. Either way, let’s take a quick look at both concepts, and how they have evolved and changed the way we look at customer satisfaction in a world of increasing social media and

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VP Of Diedrich RPM Sheds Light On The Importance Of A Comprehensive Research Plan

The Importance of Research The importance of research: good research is more than the sum of its parts – it’s what makes a solid brand and a solid company. Think about this statement the next time your company (or a company you know) finds itself in a situation where there is a sudden, escalating problem that was not predicted. Why

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