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3 Factors to Successful Online Advertising in a Digital World

We live in the digital age. Online advertising has become imperative for businesses considering the amount of time people are spending ‘plugged in’ on their phones, tablets and computers. So how can your business take advantage of this ‘plugged in’ world? There are many different outlets for online advertising, including social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube), web search engines (Google,

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Why You Need a Business Blog

Oh for the love, not another business blog about why your business needs a blog! But Seriously, You Should have a Business Blog What gave it away, the headline? Ok, you’ve got me, it is, but I promise I won’t bore you to death with business terminology like click rate, search algorithms and brand capitalization. [“Diedrich RPM specializes in research

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ROI Meets ROR: How You Should Be Measuring Social Media

Social media is an increasingly significant piece in today’s business strategies. Perhaps the biggest concern around the role it plays in driving results for an organization is the ability to measure the Return On Investment (ROI). Often, it can be a rather difficult concept to sell. Ultimately, social-media marketing aims to drive sales and profit, but the key to a

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