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Top 3 Marketing Musts

1. Use an Integrated Strategy
Are you utilizing reach and frequency across multiple marketing platforms? The best way to be sure you are hitting your target audience at full potential is to have a presence on a variety of marketing tactics including digital advertising, social media and print. It is important to keep your branding and messaging consistent throughout all marketing platforms so you can build brand awareness and familiarity of your company or product. Another key is frequency – as it is estimated a consumer has to be hit with a message 3-6 times before they make a decision to buy.

2. A/B Test Tactics
Do you know what brand positioning performs best so you can optimize your marketing spend? Pilot marketing, typically performed across 1-6 months, is conducted to A/B test new messaging and is designed to uncover the call-to-action that is best received by your target audience. This will help you go to market with the strongest message for optimal ROI. Periodic pilot marketing can also prevent your brand positioning from growing stale and outdated.

3. Track ROI on Marketing Spend
Are your current marketing tactics accountable for business growth? It is essential that you know exactly where your marketing dollars are going in order to track leads back to best performing tactics. Without utilizing trackers like unique landing pages, 800 numbers, and SEM tracking within your marketing strategy, it is difficult to prove which tactics are successful and which aren’t performing. Lead tracking is the most effective way to determine your ROI on marketing and get the best bang for your buck.

At Diedrich RPM, we specialize in market research and full-service marketing for clients big and small. We will work with you to create an integrated strategy designed to reveal your best target market and optimize your marketing ROI.

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