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Research Services

Research uncovers reality. Our data reveals answers to questions that lead to actionable traditional and digital marketing strategies.

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Marketing Services

Research drives traditional and digital marketing. We test to find the strongest results and optimize your advertising for the best return on investment.

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Creative Services

Our inspiration begins with you. We deliver every ounce of our marketing and advertising wisdom, knowledge, experience and integrity to tell your story to the world.

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Research Propelled Marketing

At Diedrich RPM we aren’t a typical advertising agency.  We start with data, researching the market to understand behavior and purchase motivators. Next, we develop and test both traditional and digital marketing tactics to understand the most effective advertising strategies for your brand.  We roll out full advertising campaigns based on  Return on Investment (ROI).  But, we don’t stop there — we track and report ROI so you know your marketing budget is as efficient as possible.

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